Don’t go through the hassle of mounting a large TV to your wall by yourself. Call on Urban Brothers. Our TV mounting service techs are professional installers and can have your TV mounted in no time.

TV mounting service

Urban Brothers TV Mounting Service

Wall mounting TVs involves a lot of planning, accuracy, and care in order to do the job right. Urban Brothers TV mounting service is carried out by our experienced TV mounting techs who bring all the tools to get the job done. There are a lot of considerations for wall mounting TVs including the wall material, the type of mount you want, and how to hide the cables. [We also have appliance repair services]

Drywall TV mounting

Drywall TV Mounting

Most homes have drywall throughout their interior and it’s the most common installation material. But not all walls are built the same. We know this, and we take extreme care to make sure that your wall can support the weight of your TV and will mount your TV using the safest practices. That includes using a stud-finder, measurement tools, drill bits, and TV mount.

Brick TV mounting

Brick Wall TV Mounting

Mounting a TV to a brick wall requires the use of strong drill bits to get a clean cut, strong wall anchors, and a quality TV mount for security. TVs mounted to brick walls add a classy aesthetic to your room – like hanging a work of art.

Marble TV mounting

Marble Wall TV Mounting

Special attention is needed in order to mount a TV to a marble wall. The properties of marble itself means a different approach than mounting to dry wall. This makes marble wall TV mounting a bit more expensive, but many home owners will tell you it is well worth the additional fee.

Flat mount

Flat Wall Mount

A flat wall mount is a stationary TV mount where the metal brackets are fastened to a flat rail. Once the TV is mounted to a flat mount, the TV will face forward and the viewing angle cannot be adjusted. This is not a big issue since you will be seeing the TV from a distance, but many people prefer a swivel mount so that they can turn the TV for the best viewing angle.

Swivel Mount

Swivel Wall Mount

A swivel wall mount will give you the freedom to adjust the viewing angle of your TV. But that’s just one reason we recommend it. By having the ability to extend the wall arm, you can move your TV out of the way so that you can get to the back and plug/unplug cables to your other devices.

Wire concealment

Wire Concealment

Wall mounting a TV adds elegance to your viewing experience, but if you have unsightly wires dangling down from your TV, it doesn’t complete the effect. The best addition to mounting your TV to a wall is to have properly concealed wires. If you have drywall, you have the option of having the wires hidden in the wall! If you have brick or marble walls, your best option is an elegant cable concealer.

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