No matter how much you love your home appliances, eventually, disaster can happen and you need a technician to fix the problem. In steps Urban Brothers! Our appliance repair services are carried out by certified, professional appliance repair techs who are trained to repair all the major appliances in your home.

Washer repair services

Washer Repair Services

Washers are the most common home appliance that breaks down. From having leaks to not spinning, there are a lot of problems that can occur. That is why our washer repair service is what we do most and we’re great at it! We repair all models and all major brands, so call on us to repair your washer ASAP.

Dryer repair services

Dryer Repair Services

Like washers, dryers are the second most common home appliance likely to fail and when it does, we are here to help. We can inspect, diagnose, and fix your dryer whether your dryer won’t get hot, takes your clothes all day to dry, or even if it won’t turn on. Our dryer repair service can save your investment!

Refrigerator repair services

Refrigerator Repair Services

The refrigerator is the third most common appliance to fail in your home; And in most cases, it is the most expensive appliance you own! Don’t let your money go to waste. Urban Brothers can fix your refrigerator so your food doesn’t spoil and go to waste! Even things like a door handle coming off are in our wheelhouse. Don’t wait any longer, contact us today!

Ice maker repair services

Ice Maker Repair Services

Does your refrigerator work but it can’t make ice? We can help! Broken ice makers are a common problem with refrigerators and our ice maker repair service can give that feature back to your kitchen.

Appliance repair services

Dishwasher Repair Services

Dishwashers breaking is nothing new to a lot of homeowners. But they’re supposed to make life easier! We can get you back up and running with our dishwasher repair services. We can come to your home for an inspection and tell you what we find. We will order all the parts and get you fixed as soon as possible. Don’t let a broken dishwasher frustrate you again. Give us a call!

Oven repair services

Oven Repair Services

Cooking ranges are one of the most important home appliances – and expensive, too! So if your oven is giving you fits, you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars for a new one – just give us a call! Our oven repair services can get your oven working again. If it’s just not getting hot enough or if you have a light that won’t come on, we’ve got you covered!

Cooktop repair services

Cooktop Repair Services

If you have a couple of burners that don’t get hot or you can’t get the fire going, a stovetop that doesn’t work is a nagging issue that has to be fixed. Our cooktop repair services will look at your range and get things working again. We work on gas, electric, and even induction cooktops.

Vent hood repair services

Vent Hood Repair Services

A vent hood (or exhaust hood) is designed to remove odors, gasses, heat, and steam while you’re cooking. Not having a working vent hood is a risk for fire and breathing dirty fumes can cause health issues over the years. Urban Brothers’ vent hood repair services can get things back in order for a safer, healthier home.

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